Fun Sketches Of Baymax From Big Hero 6

I’m a huge fan of Disney’s Big Hero 6 and of course a huge fan of the supervising character designer on the feature, Jin Kim.

I took a couple of pencils and had a quick bash at rendering Baymax in a few scenarios. Baymax is a wonderful character to learn to draw as he’s just a few basic shapes. It’s incredible just how much expression can be placed into Baymax with just a few simple strokes.

Drawing Cartoons The Disney Way – Jin Kim

So here is my first blog post. How exciting! Right off the bat I want to share my favourite working artist, the remarkably talented Jin Kim.

Jin is a South Korean artist working as a character designer at Disney Animation. His back catalogue of work is remarkable and you can see his influence throughout all of Disney’s most popular features from the last 10 years or so.

Such a wonderfully expressive artist.
I’ve watched videos of Jin at work and he’s a fan of Photoshop for his digital sketching. I suspect the images above were created using Photoshop on a large Wacom Cintiq.

Check out his work at his Tumblr blog Cosmo Animato.