Fun Sketches Of Baymax From Big Hero 6

I’m a huge fan of Disney’s Big Hero 6 and of course a huge fan of the supervising character designer on the feature, Jin Kim.

I took a couple of pencils and had a quick bash at rendering Baymax in a few scenarios. Baymax is a wonderful character to learn to draw as he’s just a few basic shapes. It’s incredible just how much expression can be placed into Baymax with just a few simple strokes.

Drawing Moana

Jin Kim’s creation of Moana is wonderful. The film itself is a wonderful film and captivated my daughter and me throughout. I heartily recommend taking the children along to see it.

It’s perhaps a little intense in places for the younger ones but most children will fall in love with Moana and her adventure.

So I created a quick sketch of the young warrior based on a bit of a mashup of artwork that I found on Pinterest.

I’ll shortly create a video to illustrate how to recreate this sketch.

Milt Kahl Drawings

The beauty of Milt Kahl’s expression is evident here in these wonderfully sketched images of Penny from The Rescuers.

I’m always trying to encourage sketching with my young students who always seem preoccupied with ‘perfect’ lines.

These sketches were produced by Milt Kahl as he worked alongside Ollie Johnston in crafting the character.

What I love about these sketches is just how rough they are. You can see a denser line around the girl’s head and form. But in the eyes and expression the lines are light and simple.

There is so much to learn here, not least the importance of a free flowing pencil with no regard for perfecting or cleaning the lines.

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